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The Board of Directors of Ceylon Glass Company Limited (CGCL) declared the results for the Quarter ended 30th June 2008.

The company has reported a Sales value of LKR 679 Mn in the first quarter of the financial year 2008/2009 as against LKR 469 Mn in the corresponding quarter in the previous year. This reflects an impressive over all growth of 44% over the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

It was indeed unfortunate that amidst such a steady growth the company having to report a loss of LKR 120 Mn for the period under review as against the profit of LKR 44 Mn in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

The major reasons contributing to the loss is Energy cost, Soda Ash prices and other domestic raw material and Packing material prices.The Energy cost constitutes of Furnace Oil, LP Gas and Electricity which amounts to almost 40% of the cost of Production.Thus, the steep increase in the tariff of any of the above source of fuel directly impacts the performance of the Company.The Company has experienced an increase of 70% in the Furnace Oil prices, 74% in LP Gas prices and over 30% in Electricity prices in the first quarter of the current financial year as compared to corresponding quarter of the previous year.
Most of the raw materials used for glass is found locally in the central province. Thus the high increase in diesel cost has negatively impacted the raw material prices by over 20% minimum which have a very high component of transport cost. The International price of Soda Ash, an imported Raw material alone has gone up by 55% till the first quarter of the current financial year.

With an investment of LKR 3.7 bn towards its new factory at Horana, the interest cost and depreciation has also gone up substantially as compared to the previous year.
The company has continued to show its continuous potential at exports. A 229% growth over last years exports were achieved during the year under review. Also Exports constituted 16% of the total turnover as against the 7% in the previous year same Qtr. Domestic sales has also shown a positive trend with a growth of 31% as against the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

With more than doubling the capacity, the company now has sufficient capacity to meet the demand of the local market as well as to pursue lucrative exports market. In terms of exports, the company will be focusing on specialty food and beverage bottles i.e. short run food & beverage bottles with colouring or decoration for value addition. The company is in a unique position in the Asian market exporting boutique wine and specialty liquor bottles for leading brands in India. It’s in the process of developing several such products for markets like UK, Australia, South Africa and USA.

The management is positive above the future of the company. The initial loss situation is a temporary phenomena in the glass Industry or Industries with such a high capital Expenditure as apart from the initial gestation period there is a substantial increase in Finance Cost and depreciation. With all the infrastructure now in place Mr. Tiwari Executive Director/CEO of the company said that the Company’s Management is confident that the company would attain greater heights in the local market as well as in the global market in the near future. He also emphasised that to arrest the recent inflation and cost increases, the Company apart from taking all initiative for cost optimisation, the correction of the prices both in Domestic and International Markets would be undertaken to part set off the inflation.

And also the company is in the process of unlocking the value / commercial exploitation of the recently vacated 21 acres of land at Ratmalana.

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