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Piramal Glass Ceylon Declares Q1 FY 2008 Results

Piramal Glass Ceylon Declares Q1 FY 2008 Results

Piramal Glass Ceylon declares Q1 FY 2008 results, Sales up 10% to SLR 469 million, Profit after Tax up 15.3 % to SLR 43.6 million.

New, State of the art 205 tons per day Glass Container Manufacturing facility expected to be completed by Q3FY 2007.

Piramal Glass Ceylon Plc (PGC) today reported its un-audited results for the quarter ended 30th June 2007.

Sales during the quarter were SLR 469 million, a growth of 10 % compared to Sales of SLR 426 million in Q1 FY 2007. PBIDT grew by 16 % to SLR 104 million. Profit after tax increased to SLR 43.7 million, which represented a growth of 15.4 % over Q1 FY 2007.

The above results are encouraging, particularly in light of the costs PGC is currently incurring to commission its new facility at Horana and migrate production to Horana from Ratmalana.

The Company signed an Agreement with Board of Investment (BOI) in July 2006 to relocate its production facility from Ratmalana to Horana, PGC is in the final stages of completing its State of the Art, 205 Tons per day Glass Container Manufacturing Plant at Horana. This project comes under the 300 factory project of President Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse’s programme known as “Mahinda Chinthanaya”. The Government has given tax incentives to PGC to support its sizeable investment of over SLR 3.5 billion at the new location.

With the new facility at Horana, PGC will double its production capacity from 100 tpd to 205 tpd. The new facility will have infrastructure to further expand capacity to 250 tpd. PGC expects to commence commercial production at Horana during the 3rd quarter of this financial year.

The project at Horana is being implemented with the support of a number of leading Project Agencies. Maga Enterprises, a leading Company in Industrial Construction is responsible for the Civil construction along with M/s Sorg Gmbh Germany, one of the worlds best furnace designers and refectory suppliers. New Manufacturing lines are being sourced from M/s Bottero S.P. A. Italy.

The new facility would be capable of manufacturing bottles ranging from 50 ml. to 2.5 liters. It will cater to customers in Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Perfumery, Aerated water, Food jars, Liquor, Beer and Wine Industries. The Company is presently the sole manufacturer of color bottles in South East Asia, through color fore hearth technology. This unique infrastructure is capable of producing colored bottles in different shapes and sizes along with flint bottles simultaneously. The present capacity of 40 tons of colored Glass per day would be increased to 100 tons per day at Horana. Glass bottle demand in the Country has grown at an average of 10% over the past decade. PGC’s capacity expansion at Horana is in anticipation of continued growth of the Industry.

PGC also expects to enter certain niche and premium bottle segments in the International Market. Towards this end, contracts have been signed to supply surplus production to international customers.

PGC has seen a continuous growth in its Export Sales over the past few years. The last financial year closed with 5% of its revenue coming from Exports. Color wine & liquor bottle sales to India have been a main contributor to this achievement. The Indian wine market is attractive to enter, as it has a high consumption growth pattern. Present per capita consumption is 6 ml in India against 70 ml in China. PGC excels in the supplying of wine bottled of different colors , sizes and design variety. PGC also supplies to Maldives, Australia, Bangladesh. PGC’s Parent Company, Gujarat Glass Limited (GGL) has been instrumental in the development of export markets for PGC. Gujarat Glass also has a wide distribution network across USA, UK and European Countries, which is expected to further increase the market reach of PGC. GGL has a Corporate design Centre in India, which has also helped PGC to offer several new attractive designs for its International Customers.

GGL is one of the worlds major Glass Manufacturing Companies and is a global leader in Nail polish bottle Manufacturing. It has its production facilities in India and USA.

The Glass bottle Industry is a high capital, high energy, labor Intensive Industry. Capital efficiency and energy costs are therefore key success factors. PGC has invested in a number of new technologies at Horana to optimize cost and reduce consumption of energy. PGC is an ISO 9000 certified Company and strives to ensure world class standards in quality and Manufacture and its service to the Customer.

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